Wednesday, January 29, 2014

FreeBSD Foundation Announces 2013 Fundraising Results

The board of directors had a very productive meeting in Berkeley in January. We worked on our strategic plan and other topics that greatly benefited by working together at an in-person meeting.

We thank you, the FreeBSD community and consumers, who support FreeBSD in many ways.  Thank you for your donations ranging from $5 to over $200,000. Thank you for your tireless efforts of supporting the Project by developing code, writing for and about FreeBSD, helping with conferences and summits, and advocating for FreeBSD.

We have our final fundraising results from 2013 and are pleased with the results. In 2013 we raised $768,562 from 1659 donors. If you compare the number with 2012, of $771,193 from 1855 donors, it was a little lower. The difference is primarily because 2012 blew out its goal of raising $500,000.

We have already started our 2014 fundraising efforts. As of the end of January we are just under $40,000. Our goal is to raise $1,000,000. We are currently finalizing our 2014 budget. We plan to publish both our 2013 financial report and our 2014 budget soon.

Please consider making a donation in 2014! It's easy, just click here to make your donation!

Thank you again for your support! We look forward to continuing our support of the FreeBSD Project and community in 2014.

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