Thursday, August 2, 2012

FreeBSD Foundation's Semi-Annual Newsletter

We are pleased to announce the publication of The FreeBSD Foundation's 2012 Semi-Annual Newsletter.

The newsletter begins with the letter from the President, "An Unsatisfied Market", where Justin Gibbs discusses the goal of a credible marketplace offering FreeBSD support and services.

Development project updates are provided by the developers for the  NAND Flash Support,  Growing Filesystems Online, auditdistd, IPv6 Performance Analysis, Capsicum Component Framework, and iSCSI Scoping projects.

Conference updates are provided by the organizers of the BSDCan 2012,  AsiaBSDCon 2012, BSD-Day 2012, Ottawa Developer Summit 2012, and Ottawa Vendor Summit 2012 conferences and summits.

The newsletter also includes  FreeBSD research highlights, the Grant and Travel Grant Recipients for the first half of 2012, a company testimonial from A-Team Systems, and the
links to the Foundations' 2012 Q1-Q2 Profit/Loss and 2012 Q1-Q2 Balance Sheet.

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