Monday, February 10, 2014

The FreeBSD Journal is Now Available!

We are pleased to announce the FreeBSD Journal is now available! This is a new, FreeBSD focused, online publication. 

You can find out how to subscribe to the Journal by going to Or, go to the following links for the device you'd like to download to:

To get the Kindle App click here 
To get the Apple app click here 
To get the Android App click here

Here's the letter the editorial board wrote for this inaugural issue:

Welcome to the first issue of the FreeBSD Journal. A brand new, professionally produced, on-line magazine available from the various app stores, including Apple iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon Kindle.

What you will find in the upcoming issues are feature-length articles and columns that address the entirety of the FreeBSD community. Coverage will be diverse with topics including: managing large scale system deployments, application development, systems programming, embedded systems, academic research, and general software development. All using FreeBSD.

Issue #1 is dedicated to FreeBSD 10, the latest in the FreeBSD Project's line of major releases.  The release of FreeBSD 10 brings many new features not seen in other open source operating systems, including a brand new compiler toolchain based on LLVM, as well as mature support for ZFS as a first class kernel-based filesystem.

The Journal is guided by an editorial board made up of people from across the FreeBSD community, including, John Baldwin, Daichi Goto, Joseph Kong, Dru Lavigne, Michael Lucas, Marshall Kirk McKusick, George Neville-Neil, Hiroki Sato, and Robert Watson.  The editorial board is responsible for the acquisition and vetting of content for the magazine.  The editor is Jim Maurer who is the person with whom our authors work most closely getting their pieces into shape for publishing.  Jim has a long history in the technical publishing business, having worked with Scientific American and the Association for Computing Machinery.

The magazine will publish six issues per year.  The editorial board has planned the first year of issues that will cover topics including Networking, Virtualization, Development Tools, Support for new Hardware Features, and the new software packaging system for FreeBSD, pkgng.

The FreeBSD Journal is financially supported by the FreeBSD Foundation, the 501(c)3 charitable organization whose sole purpose is to help the FreeBSD Project grow and flourish.  Your subscriptions and the advertising revenue the Journal receives help to offset the money the Foundation needs to put in to support the Journal.

We know you'll like what you see in the Journal and hope that you'll let everyone you know about our new magazine.

FreeBSD Journal Editorial Board


  1. Common guys... Won't read any of this on my 4" phone. I want to use my 23" display.

  2. What I hear from this is "we don't trust our own community" - I don't like DRM.

  3. Want to use FreeBSD, and not proprietary iOS, and Android!

  4. Seems odd that the one place I can't read this is in the OS that it's about...

  5. I have bought the year subscription, however I would like to be able to read it in my desktop browser.

  6. Please consider a hard copy! The BSD Mag produced in Polland has so many typos and basic translation issues it's very hard to read.